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World of Warcraft Arena Global Finals

Prior to the 2012 World Championship, five World of Warcraft Arena teams from around the world will be crowned regional champions -- but who will earn the title of 2012 Global Champion? On November 17th and 18th, ten of the world's top World of Warcraft Arena teams will gather in Shanghai, China for a chance to smash their opponents into oblivion in a series of 3v3 slugfests.

Two teams from each region -- China, Europe, Korea, North America, and Taiwan -- will be invited to test their mettle in a round-robin tournament that will put their Arena skills to the ultimate test. Each of the ten invited teams will have their chance to dismantle their fellow champions in a best-of-three series and see how they stack up against some of the best Arena players in the world. After fighting through the round-robin endurance marathon, the top four teams will move on to phase two of the tournament: the single-elimination championship bracket.

The first round of the single elimination championship bracket will be a best-of-five battle to secure a place in the final match of the tournament – but in the end, only one team will emerge as the champions. You won't want to miss the World Championship World of Warcraft Arena Global Finals!

Tournament Start


  • 10


  • Invitational
  • Round Robin
  • Double Elimination Championship Bracket


  • First Place $105,000
  • Second Place $45,000
  • Third Place $27,000
  • Fourth Place $12,000

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